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Consider Using Decorative Stone for Landscaping before Showing a Rental Property

Outdoor decorative stone wall next to lawn

When it comes to owning and renting a property, you have an almost limitless number of options regarding the improvements that can be made to enhance the rental price and chance of renting quickly. Using decorative stone for landscaping is a great way to improve the rental property before showing it off to potential tenants. Create a […]

3 Unique Ways of Using Landscaping Rocks Around Your Home

Outdoor low decorative stone wall with greenery

If you are looking for a way to make your home standout in a crowd, then look no further than landscaping rocks, the perfect solution for those who are seeking ways to define their home while creating stunning displays. No matter the style of home you have, rocks can create any theme or mood you desire and, when you’re done, will be the envy of your neighbors.

3 Great Landscaping Rocks that Can Help Set the Tone of Your Garden

Landscaping rocks used in an backyard waterfall water feature

Using decorative landscaping rocks in your garden is a perfect solution for those who want to set a tone without worrying about upkeep. Landscaping rocks are both beneficial to the overall look and feel of your garden, as well as providing a structural and tactile ambiance that regular means of yard decoration is sorely lacking.

Adding thin stone veneer to your landscaping

Thin stone veneer pavers on pathway alongside a yard and flowers

Thin stone veneer can be seen as part of the Roman Coliseum, the Segovia aqueduct in Spain, and many buildings in the Roman Empire. That stone veneer has changed much and has become a common feature of many landscapes. Additionally, it has become thinner, thus the name “thin stone veneer.” If you have been in New England, many of the homes use thin stone veneer.

Landscape Boulders: Reaping the Benefits as a Homeowner

Landscape boulders in backyard leading up to stone steps

As a homeowner, you may a near limitless amount of options in regard to customizing your home. For instance, you can add landscape boulders in a dozen different ways, and some of them will be very effective at improving your home altogether. Understanding the benefits that come with boulders used for landscaping will make you feel comfortable about investing into them.

7 Tips on Using Landscape Boulders to Beautify Your Yard

Landscape boulders on either side of a large stone stairway

Landscape boulders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are as versatile as any landscaping characteristic you can add to your yard. So while a property can look good with a well-manicured lawn, beautiful accent flowers, and colorful hedges and shrubs, using large boulders and rocks will add a natural feel to your landscape, and blend in surprisingly well with your existing design.