8 Great Tips on Installing Landscaping Rocks

Small gray landscaping rocks

To beautify, to add function, to add pizazz, to add interest, landscaping rocks do it all.

Rock is by far one of the greatest ways of adding a piece of yourself to your landscape, and given rocks propensity for durability, it may just last forever.

Landscaping rock comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. It is great when used as a compliment to existing style and design, and even works well when started fresh.

In order to lay landscaping rocks so that they will outlast even the home they are designed to beautify, follow this quick guide:

1. Measure where you plan to lay your landscaping rocks. This attention to detail will allow for the proper amount needed.

2. Use a tool like an edger to create a rough barrier around the perimeter of your outline. Then, use a hoe to remove the turf where your landscaping rocks will lay.

3. Dig only as deep as the amount of stone you plan to lay. The landscaping rocks you pour in should sit a few inches above ground level, alongside the remaining turf, to allow for settling.

4. Tamp down the soil where the rocks will go. This will impede future settling and stop you from having to add more landscaping rock later.

5. Before pouring your landscaping rock, lay landscape fiber or newspaper to stop weed growth.

6. After you pour the rock, use a rake to even it out. Kneel down to look for peaks and valleys. Correct any issues with your rake.

7. Rinse your new landscaping rock feature with water to remove dust and dirt and to bring out its natural beauty.

8. Enjoy your work by adding potted plants for interest, or by setting up patio furniture for a relaxing (and interesting) lounge spot.

It’s that easy!

For more information on how we can get you started on getting the right landscaping rocks for the job, contact us any time.