Consider Using Decorative Stone for Landscaping before Showing a Rental Property

Outdoor decorative stone wall next to lawn

When it comes to owning and renting a property, you have an almost limitless number of options regarding the improvements that can be made to enhance the rental price and chance of renting quickly. Using decorative stone for landscaping is a great way to improve the rental property before showing it off to potential tenants.

Create a Decorative Wall

If you are interested in making improvements to the actual home, you can use decorative stone on an entire wall to become a focal point of an exterior space. It can have the same effect as an exposed brick wall, and the extra layer can also improve the temperature balance on the inside of the home.

Add a Retaining Wall

Whether you are thinking about a small addition towards the back of your property or a retaining wall covering the entirety of each side to your property, you can definitely benefit from this addition. It is an effective way to protect the foundation and direct water flow on your property. Additionally, retaining walls can be made with decorative stone to achieve a look that caters to your specific wants and needs.

Install Walkways

On the side of your home, in the backyard, or at the entrance of your home, decorative stone can be used to create walkways. Going this route provides you with a number of options because decorative stone walkways can be surrounded by mulch of pea gravel, crushed stone, wood chips, or something else. As a result, there are many combinations that can create a very unique appearance. If you are interested in using decorative stone on your rental property to improve your results with renting it fast and at a good monthly rate, contact us for more information.