3 Ways Landscaping Rocks Can Help to Beautify Your Yard

Landscaping rocks used in a backyard water feature

Landscaping with rocks has become a great alternative to traditional style landscaping, and while using decorative rocks to accent existing shrubs, plants, and flowers is fairly common, few think it is acceptable to simply use rocks and nothing else.

But we’re here to tell you otherwise…

Using rocks for landscaping can be a refreshing way to add beauty to your garden, property, or home. Here are some great examples of how using landscaping rocks can really make an impact.

Walls for Beauty

Whether you plan to use a rocks (pieces broken off larger boulders, or quarried) or stones (weather “hardscapes” that have been exposed to elements), building a stacked wall can be a stellar way of adding a point of interest. There are a multitude of different landscaping rocks you can use for color, texture, or to add a focused backdrop to an otherwise drab area.

Construct a Rock Garden

To make your own rack garden all you need is rock. Set up your own version of a crumbled building to simulate “ruins.” While most people attempt to achieve this with traditional shrubs and flowers, you can find an equal amount of variety of colors and shades when using rocks.

Eclectic Designs Work Too

If you are tired of the straight and narrow, nothing says that you can’t create whatever design you can dream up using rocks and boulder. Want more focus in your front yard? Turn a limestone boulder into a mailbox holder. Add interest to an existing area by filling old kettles with strongly-hued rocks for a dramatic flair. Or, once your flowers come into full bloom, accent and line your garden with rocks of corresponding or contrasting colors that serve as perfect spots for butterfly sunning.

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