7 Tips on Using Landscape Boulders to Beautify Your Yard

Landscape boulders on either side of a large stone stairway

Landscape boulders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are as versatile as any landscaping characteristic you can add to your yard. So while a property can look good with a well-manicured lawn, beautiful accent flowers, and colorful hedges and shrubs, using large boulders and rocks will add a natural feel to your landscape, and blend in surprisingly well with your existing design.

No need for a fence

Landscape boulders are perfect for designating boundaries between properties. Simply place them along property lines and you have a natural, hardscape fence.

A great half-wall

Instead of moving tiny rocks to end of your driveway to prevent cars from driving on the grass, line up boulders to mimic a half-wall, then plant flowers around them.

Noticeable address marker

Buy some nice stencils and paint supplies and paint your house number on the rock facing the street. Then, to add color, plant some flowers to accent.

Steps to seclusion

To make your backyard oasis one-of-a-kind, use large, flat rocks to make a decorative stair pattern up a hill leading to a sitting area. Then decorate with seasonal grass and benches.

A great focal point

Large landscape boulders add interest and aesthetics to flower gardens. Simply dig until about one-third of the boulder fits in the ground (for a natural look), and add some mulch.

Perfect for a seat

Landscape boulders can do more than just a unique look to your property, they are pretty useful too. Place a large boulder under your favorite tree to create a perfect hiding spot for you or your children.

Garden rocks!

Gardens aren’t just for plants. A natural and colorful rock garden can be just as inspiring. Add to it decorative sand and tall grasses, and your backyard will have never looked as good.

Remember, there is no “correct” way to decorate your yard. What you find works for your situation may not work for everyone’s. Experiment with your own creativity and style to get that look you want.

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