3 Unique Ways of Using Landscaping Rocks Around Your Home

Outdoor low decorative stone wall with greenery

If you are looking for a way to make your home standout in a crowd, then look no further than landscaping rocks, the perfect solution for those who are seeking ways to define their home while creating stunning displays. No matter the style of home you have, rocks can create any theme or mood you desire and, when you’re done, will be the envy of your neighbors.

Tree Beds

If you have ornamental trees, like a weeping cherry or a cascading cypress, then nothing will set them off more, and make your yard look brilliant, than spreading ornamental rocks around their base and creating a tree bed. Simple remove a few feet of soil in diameter around the tree, create a border with river rock, and fill in polished river rock.

Rock Gardens

As rock gardens are becoming more and more popular, creating one that defines your home in a unique way, special to your property and theme, is important to setting your rock garden apart. The best way to make your rock garden all yours is to add ornaments that others don’t have, or to set up a theme. Top if off by adding shrubs, greenery, and ornamental grass that make it all pop.

Mailbox Pastiche

Here’s a great idea for those with a mailbox that is set on its own piece of property. Simply excavate a few feet of ground around your mailbox and place pavers as a border. Place some gravel as a way to keep it from sinking, then begin placing river rocks of various color around in a mosaic pattern, working your way inward. Continue the process until you reach the mailbox legs.

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