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Why Home Owners Choose E.P. Henry Pavers for Hardscape Projects

Outdoor patio with chairs and a stone firepit overlooking pool with stone water features

Hard scape projects require planning, skill, and the right materials. E.P. Henry pavers are known throughout the northeastern part of the United States for providing the Cadillac of concrete pavers.  With over 100 years under their belt, precision and detail of hard scape materials are their specialty.

Stone Supplier Discusses the Benefits of Eldorado Stone Veneer

Outdoor orange stone fireplace on stone patio in front of a large white house

If you have been looking high and low for the most believable stone veneer available to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the exterior of your home, to liven up a patio, or add luxury to an existing space, then Eldorado Stone veneer is what we as a trusted stone supplier recommend.

Adding thin stone veneer to your landscaping

Thin stone veneer pavers on pathway alongside a yard and flowers

Thin stone veneer can be seen as part of the Roman Coliseum, the Segovia aqueduct in Spain, and many buildings in the Roman Empire. That stone veneer has changed much and has become a common feature of many landscapes. Additionally, it has become thinner, thus the name “thin stone veneer.” If you have been in New England, many of the homes use thin stone veneer.

How Does Thin Stone Veneer “Stack-up” to its Full-Depth Counterpart?

Thin stone veneer patio

Most experts agree, thin stone veneer has many advantages to regular stone veneer. It is more economical in price, is lighter in overall weight, and is simpler to install. So if this were true, wouldn’t it have already replaced regular stone veneer in all applications? Not always.