How to use Decorative Stone for Landscaping

Why would you want to add more rocks to your yard? It seems that most people like to get rid of rocks, not increase the problem. In the wrong place they impinge on all manner of building, piping, plumbing/septic, electrical aspects, landscaping and hardscaping.

The key here specifically is the Right place, and the Right rocks. The right rocks in the right place can make the difference between a yard appearing to be out of Skid Row and a garden off the cover of Sunset Magazine.

In the right place all of the sudden rocks magically become decorative stone for landscaping and have grand purpose. Do you have a long low area off the side of your home that you are stumped over? A winding rock river bed can turn any eyesore into a charming meandering mock rock “river”. Edge this with perhaps some rosemary, lavender, boxwood and maybe a Japanese maple, and you have a focal point for every single window facing that old ‘eyesore’.

Here you would be adding round river rocks to a curving low trench, the larger rocks in the middle, graduating to smaller possibly 5-8″ gravel up the sides. If your space is smaller, a Japanese styled garden river might be in order; add a bench or a Japanese lantern and you are good to go.

Or if space allows you might want to go large and include some boulders at key places at the edges of your riverbed, graduating to differing sizes. Boulders can also make grand statements in the right place to accentuate an area with appropriate shrubs and smaller trees.

With Irwin Stone’s variety of color, textures and stone to choose from, you have all the tools for a great backyard design. If you are ready to tackle your yard and give that eyesore a face lift with some beautiful landscaping stone contact us.

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