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Remodel this Winter: Let us be your Flagstone Supplier

Flagstone pavers

It’s getting colder outside and most of us won’t be doing much work on our landscapes or the outside of our houses. But, winter is a great time to do some remodeling inside. One of the underused, but fantastic ways to remodel is to add some flagstone to the inside of your house. What is flagstone? Flagstone is a flat stone slab that is traditionally used for patios and walkways. It is usually irregular in shape, and almost perfectly flat. Flagstone is a natural stone and is considered a sedimentary stone.

3 Rainy Day Tips for Maintaining Your Patio After Installation by a Flagstone Supplier

Flagstone patio

A flagstone patio can become a central part of your property and be a welcoming place to spend time with friends and family all year long. However, once the rainy season arrives, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to the care that needs to be done for your flagstone patio. From the rain causing pieces of stone to become loose to the patio quickly becoming caked in mud, you’ll want to consider the following tips for maintaining your patio.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace This Winter

Light orange paved patio and orange stone fireplace in front of large white home

An outdoor fireplace is a great asset to any home — on summer evenings or cool winter afternoons, hanging around the fire pit is a fun activity for families and friends. If you have been thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio, now is the time to make that dream a reality!

Flagstone Walkways: A Natural Choice

Blue flagstone stone pavers on walkway

Flagstone Walkways are a natural choice for any backyard or garden. The stones are timeless, beautiful, and organic. Flagstone is sedimentary rock that has split into layers. The layers are bonded by silica, calcite, or iron oxide, which gives the stone its colors. The most common colors are buff, blue, and red, but it can also come in yellow, white, orange, and chocolate brown. Flagstone can be found near river beds in various parts of North America, specifically, in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Idaho, and Arizona.