Backyard Landscaping With Stone

Orange and brown outdoor pavers next to large pool

Bethesda, MD

Fall is fading,

Winter’s near 

Time to plan your Backyard Landscaping

For next year.

Stone is inspiring, it represents strength and longevity yet somehow manages to be playful and mysterious. There is no limit to its uses in the landscape:

  • Sitting Areas
  • Walls
  • Raised Levels
  • Paths or Patios
  • Focal Points
  • Fireplaces
  • Grottos (hidden in the corner waiting to be found)

Even a small stone feature or the addition of a flagstone walkway can turn an plain backyard into a visual world you can’t get enough of.

Once you decide on the basic plan, the next step is choosing the type and shape of stone, each offering a somewhat different mood and a different complement or contrast to existing structures. Does your plan call for boulders or used cobblestone? Are you familiar with Lake George Ashlar, Emmitsburg Brown and Seneca? It is best to get to know the range of choices and colors through interaction with the materials themselves. Looking at completed projects and consulting with landscaping professionals helps make the final choices easier. Explore the varieties of stone from the warmth of your home computer.

If you want to do the work yourself, you may want to look for helpful information about the project and additional materials and tools needed for the task. If you are looking for installers in the Washington area, we can provide you with a comprehensive list of stonemasons and landscapers.

If winter is calling you to plan exciting new projects, keep Irwin Stone in mind.

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