Remodel this Winter: Let us be your Flagstone Supplier

Flagstone pavers

It’s getting colder outside and most of us won’t be doing much work on our landscapes or the outside of our houses. But, winter is a great time to do some remodeling inside. One of the underused, but fantastic ways to remodel is to add some flagstone to the inside of your house.

What is flagstone?

Flagstone is a flat stone slab that is traditionally used for patios and walkways. It is usually irregular in shape, and almost perfectly flat. Flagstone is a natural stone and is considered a sedimentary stone.

Why use flagstone?

Flagstone gives you a natural stone floor that is not in perfect square or rectangles – although you can get it machine cut if you want parallel lines and square angles. It also ages well and lasts many years.

Where can you use flagstone?

You can use flagstone in any area of the house. It looks great in entrance ways, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you want an elegant look throughout the house, consider mixing hardwood flooring and flagstone. You will have a natural look throughout the house, and we can help you create a pattern that highlights areas throughout your house.

How do you take care of a flagstone floor?

You sweep and mop it just as you would any tile floor. The key is to not use scouring powders or strong cleaners. Depending on the type of flagstone you choose, you will show you the types of cleaners that will work best for your floor. So, this winter are you ready to do some remodeling?

We’d love to help, just contact us, your flagstone supplier and we’ll help you get started.