3 Rainy Day Tips for Maintaining Your Patio After Installation by a Flagstone Supplier

Flagstone patio

A flagstone patio can become a central part of your property and be a welcoming place to spend time with friends and family all year long. However, once the rainy season arrives, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to the care that needs to be done for your flagstone patio. From the rain causing pieces of stone to become loose to the patio quickly becoming caked in mud, you’ll want to consider the following tips for maintaining your patio.

Make Sealant a Priority

The most common mistake many people make when preparing their patio for fall or winter is forgetting to apply sealant. The reason this is so important is due to the fact that the water from rain can often contain minerals that will damage the stone over time. Applying sealant to the flagstone periodically on your own or with the help of a flagstone supplier can make all the difference in how  the patio looks years later.

Keep Up with Cleaning

The easiest way to ensure that the flagstone stays in great shape for the sunny days of the year is to clean away mud, debris, and leaves that have accumulated. Luckily, this is as easy as using a broom and a pressure washing machine on a regular basis.

Apply Mulch or Filler Between Stones

If there’s any gaps between the flagstones, it often contains mud that can lead to the stones slipping and becoming unstable to walk upon during the rainy parts of the year. In order for you to prevent this from becoming a problem for safety, it’s recommended that you use mulch or gravel between stones.

Keeping your flagstone patio in great shape can ensure that you’ll have an inviting space to enjoy all year. Contact us if you have any questions regarding patio care.