Washington Area Flagstone Supplier Gives Tips on Proper Paver Laying

Blue flagstone pavers

As a paver supplier for the Washington area for seventy years, we have been asked many times what the best paver is for the job. A question that has a lot of answers. But for a natural looking hardscape that is versatile and attractive, we recommend flagstone.

Flagstone pavers are a fantastic, natural solution for patios and walkways because they cover a larger surface area than many other pavers while remaining mostly flat and smooth, and are a breeze to install.

What makes flagstone pavers so unique is that they come in irregular patterns that need to be pieced together like a puzzle. Meaning that every patio and walkway has a unique and independent feel to it, and are easy to show off.

Installation Tips

Flagstone can be installed on a screeded bed that is approximately 5-10mm high so that the pavers are flat and easy to compact. They can also be installed into mortar for a more permanent solutions to your patio hardscapes.

Line the underneath of your screed bed with landscape fiber to prevent any subsoil from blending with your base materials. Do not use black plastic as an alternative to landscape fiber. You will not achieve proper drainage, and cracking and warping may occur.

Be sure to apply moisture to your sand so that it compacts before you set the flagstone pavers. Tamp it down so your pavers lay flat and are securely set in place.

For a finishing touch, fill in the set flagstone pavers with pea gravel, lava stone, or your choice of decorative crushed rock to add your own feel and flair to your project.

For an alternative no-dig screed path for areas that are lightly traveled, simply remove your grass layer, and install benderboard along the edges. Then line the path with landscape fiber, fill with compacted sand, and install flagstone and small rocks. To hold the bender board in place, install steel spikes to hold it up.

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