How to Use Thin Stone Veneer? Let Us Show You the Ways!

Blue pavers on walkway next to greenery

Thin stone veneer sounds like something you would use to cover an ugly mailbox or use on the outside of a house, or in landscaping projects. Yes, it can be used that way. But thin stone veneer can be used so many ways. Let us show you the ways!

  1. Fireplaces. If you have a fireplace that you would like to refinish, check out thin stone veneer. It’s thin and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the additional weight causing problems with the flooring. It’s easy to install, so it can be put on your fireplace in a day. It also looks real. It looks like you went out and found rocks and then used them to refinish your fireplace.
  2. Dramatic Wall. If you have a staircase that you want to highlight, or a tall wall you want to highlight, then think about thin stone veneer. You can add elegance using a choice such as French Country Stone Veneer. The light-colored rock creates a rugged elegant wall that others will definitely want to touch and know how you made that wall look so great.
  3. Kitchen Island. Most kitchen islands are wood and pretty much look alike. But if you want your kitchen island to be different, look at the different colors of thin stone veneer. You can highlight some of the sides of your island by using stone veneer that compliments the colors of your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is bright primary colors or subtle gray, there is stone veneer that will look great.