Why Home Owners Choose E.P. Henry Pavers for Hardscape Projects

Outdoor patio with chairs and a stone firepit overlooking pool with stone water features

Hard scape projects require planning, skill, and the right materials. E.P. Henry pavers are known throughout the northeastern part of the United States for providing the Cadillac of concrete pavers.  With over 100 years under their belt, precision and detail of hard scape materials are their specialty.

Why E.P. Henry Pavers Beat the Competition

One reason Irwin Stone carries E.P. Henry pavers is because this supplier offers more than just pieces of stone.  Years of experimenting and testing show how pavers are able to add a whole new dimension of natural beauty for outdoor living.  Their crafted pavers can only be described as a work of art, shaped and ready to use for the discriminating buyer.  Here are some of the unique types of pavers that make E.P. Henry stand above the rest.

  • Bristol Stone adds texture and depth to a patio on a grand scale.  A slate top with natural creases deliver a soft and graceful floor and looks great against a manicured lawn.
  • Eco Permeable Pavers are not only stately in appearance, but allow your lawn to accept rainwater through joints that hold small stones.  This natural filtration system uses the interlocking pavers as a source of absorption, making an eco-friendly method of removing pollutants.
  • DevonStone turns a large outdoor area into a picturesque work of art.  An exclusive of E.P. Henry, cast stone slabs transform into natural looking limestone, blue stone, or slate.  Your outdoor living area will appear as precious imported stone.
  • Cast Veneer Stone gives the look of real stone, but at half the cost.  Using a variety of natural rock, these molded beauties cannot be distinguished from the real thing.  Lightweight and easy to install, they can masquerade any unsightly wall with the look of perfected masonry.

Quality stone makes all the difference in a chic-looking outdoor patio or walkway.  E.P. Henry is just one of the many suppliers that Irwin Stone offers for adding the highest artistic quality to your hard scape project.  For more information on selecting the perfect pavers, contact us for professional customer service in planning your outdoor project.