Stone Supplier Discusses the Benefits of Eldorado Stone Veneer

Outdoor orange stone fireplace on stone patio in front of a large white house

If you have been looking high and low for the most believable stone veneer available to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the exterior of your home, to liven up a patio, or add luxury to an existing space, then Eldorado Stone veneer is what we as a trusted stone supplier recommend.

Billing themselves as “The Most Believable Architectural Stone in the World,” Eldorado Stone is unrivaled in its class, and is trusted by architects and designers all over the world, for very good reasons.

What makes Eldorado Stone so wonderful is its many features, its ease of install, and its durability (Eldorado Stone does not need sealed, require no ties, and does not require a concrete footer previous to installation). And customer love it, because once you install it, you add value to your home.

Additionally, its color palette goes unmatched, and its richness and unique patterns are unbelievable in terms of its materials (it’s stone veneer, not actual stone). So it’s hard to match in terms of desirability.

What Makes Eldorado Stone “The Most Believable Architectural Stone in the World”?

Believability. Hand’s down. From their FAQ:

Eldorado’s distinct process handcrafts molds and creates the natural color palettes that capture all the nuances of natural stone. The warmth and richness of Eldorado Stone creates unique spaces of permanence, romance and beauty; inside and out.

We couldn’t agree more.

Does Eldorado Stone Meet Building Codes?

The short answer, yes. Absolutely. Eldorado Stone complies with all building codes.

How Easy is It to Install?

You almost won’t believe it. Because it is so lightweight, yet so believable as real stone, and incredibly cost-effective, all it requires is to be properly adhered to an existing surface. While some minor knowledge of masonry is recommended for the install, it is not required. So the sky’s the limit!

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