Pavestone Pavers Bring Elegance and Durability with Limitless Possibilities

Paverstone pavers next to gravel area and pool

Pavestone pavers are one of the most trusted names in the masonry world, and have been working with trusted contractors, masons, and landscapers for as long as they have been in business. Their selection of pavers is vast, and the amount of colors to choose from rivals any home improvement store.

We are proud to use Pavestone pavers, and here’s why:

Color Durability

With many pavers, the chance for fading is always a consideration. After a time, all objects that see even a nominal amount of sunlight and wear and tear will eventually breakdown.

So while Pavestone freely admits that they aren’t immune to this exact phenomena, they offer colors that many manufacturers do not. Meaning that the colors you select will appear to have never faded, given their proprietary color-mixing process.


Pavestone pavers are also incredibly strong. So strong in fact, that regular cutting tools do them no justice. Pavestone recommends that anyone cutting their product avoid masonry blades (which will become useless after a few passes), and instead use a guillotine splitter for precision cuts, or a wet saw with a diamond blade tip.

Limitless Selection

With Pavestone pavers, the only limit to how you want your patio, walkway, or any outdoor living space is your imagination. Their selection is so vast that it is completely possible to have a one-of-a-kind look around your home without even giving it a second thought. For a more complete look at their entire selection of pavers, click here to view all of their product types.

Pavestone is a trusted and well-respected name in the paving business, and is a company that we are proud to work with on a regular basis. For more information on anything from pavers, stone walls, patios, and edging that can be made with Pavestone products, please contact us any time.