How to Use Landscape Boulders for Additional Security

Landscape boulders in a backyard leading up to stone steps

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your backyard, there are many ways to accomplish this goal. Adding landscape boulders is a great example, but this is not the only benefit that they provide.

It is possible to increase the safety and security of your home by using landscape boulders.

Place Boulders in Vulnerable Areas

On most properties, there are spots that are more vulnerable to break-ins, and this is where increasing the level of security can be beneficial. Fortunately, you can use landscape boulders in these areas to prevent people from entering your property or risk getting injured. Since you can get landscape boulders that are rather uneven and hard to stand on safely, especially in the dark, they make great security.

Conceal with Boulder Cameras

With enough boulders on your property, you should be able to squeeze in a boulder camera or two. Although this may not be that helpful in an emergency, you can use it to catch people on tape that may attempt to break into your home. Having camera footage can lead to catching these criminals.

Hide a Spare Key amongst the Boulders

Although there are a number of safe places you can have spare keys, such as with trusted friends and family members, you can certainly benefit from having one on your property. Fake boulders are pretty easy to spot out when they are alone, but with a number of boulders in your backyard, you can choose a safe location to stow away a spare key for emergencies.

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