Pavestone pavers: Durable Throughout Time | Virginia

Pavestone pavers next to an outdoor pool

Using pavers to create durable and magnificent paths and patios is not a new thing. Over 4,600 years ago, they built a road in Egypt using rock. That road is still used today because they used durable stone. In 500 B.C., the Romans discovered that if they used flat stone to build roads, chariots and horses could travel easier. In the 1940s Holland used pavers to build roads since the ground was constantly shifting. The pavers were more durable than previously used concrete.

What does all that mean for you? It’s a bit of history of pavers. But more important, it tells us that Pavestone pavers are the best way to build durable paths and entertainment areas in your landscape. They have been used for centuries, so you know they will stay beautiful and functional in your yard for many years.

Today’s Pavestone pavers are interlocking stones that are laid in a variety of patterns. You can have a variety of colors and textures that will enhance your yard. You can mix the pavers to create borders on walkways. You can even use the pavers to create short planters for flowers, or fire pits on your patio.

One of the best things about Pavestone pavers is that you can create beautiful curves in walkways and patios to draw a person’s eye to a focal point in your yard.

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