Sand and Gravel Supplier Gives Winter Homeowner Landscaping Tips

Sand and gravel on ground

Many people enjoy winter for its innate ability to keep us inside, hibernating like bears in our dens. While others work hard all autumn to ensure that their hard work is secure and safe covered under cold blankets of snow. Begging the question: which is right?

We think the answer depends on the situation and on the person.

On one hand, there are ways of avoiding winter, outdoor tasks. But that comes with preparation windows that some people don’t have (and a bit of pre-planning). While on the other hand, some people enjoy working outside, and maybe upkeep isn’t a big deal, even if it’s chilly.

In either situation, let your Rockville sand and gravel supplier give you some solid tips on keeping your landscape protected during the winter months.

 If you haven’t done so, mulch bare flower beds and around shrubs. Adding mulch to flower beds protect any bulbs you have planted. Come spring, the flowers will grow healthy and hardy from the extra protection.

 Believe it or not, planting trees in winter isn’t a bad thing. In many states, January brings the celebration of Arbor Day. That’s because planting trees in winter is ideal for some tree varieties. However, it’s important to research before you plant, and watch your investment grow.

 During a warmer day, be sure you take a look at your shrubs and hedges (any plants still outside, really). Keep an eye out for broken or dead limbs, and signs of rot or winter damage of any sort. Remedy any problem areas that you see to protect the life of the plant.

 If you use salt on your sidewalks or on any hardscapes that might show evidence of sodium chloride staining, or that aren’t treated at all, don’t be afraid to rinse them with a hose on a warmer day. Water is stone’s friend.

Winter is a great time to keep your investments safe, while preventing problems that might arrive in future seasons. Don’t be afraid to work on your landscape during the colder months, your yard’s bounty will thank you come spring.

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