Pet Friendly Yard: Sand and gravel supplier

Sand and gravel on ground

If you have a dog, or dogs, you know they tend to find a favorite path in your yard. They also find a favorite place to take care of their daily needs. All of that can cause problems in a yard, but it doesn’t have to. There is a trick to having a great looking yard and having happy dogs!

What is the trick? Use gravel from a quality sand and gravel supplier to create specific trails and spots for your dog or dogs. Here is how.

  1. Watch your pets and see where they relieve themselves. Take paint that works on grass and mark off those areas. Do that for about a week so you have all the area covered.
  2. Watch your pets and see where they take a walk to inspect your property. Most dogs have a daily route they walk just to be sure everything is ok. Mark that spot with the special paint. (You can get the paint at any home improvement store.)

Then decide if you want to keep that area, or change it a bit and retrain your dog. For example, the first area might be larger than you want, or you might want to move it over a few feet.

Use a garden hose to create the area you want for your dog’s daily routine and daily path. Then use borders to set it apart from your lawn. Use quality black plastic to keep the grass from growing.

The next step is to put our quality gravel down, creating a nice place for your dog to use and walk. It will be easy to clean up, and your dogs will know that place is just for them if you reward them for using that spot. You will no longer see those brown or worn spots in your lawn.

If you would like help with this project, just contact us and we would be glad to help you so you and your dogs are happy.