Use Landscaping Rocks for Some Unique “Rockscaping”

Landscaping rocks along a pathway in front of a house

There is no doubt that landscaping rocks work in all sorts of capacities around your home. They serve as a border, as decoration, and can even work to secure your property. But have you considered using them as a landscaping art installment or as a part of a larger piece?

Landscaping rocks are a solid alternative to traditional foliage and lawn decoration, the trick is setting them up in a unique way. Here are some tips to help you get started on creating your very own rockscape.

  • Use as a focal point in landscaping installments. Instead of simply planting flowers, instead plant rocks.
  • For larger rocks, e.g. boulder size, set them up to compliment things like spiky grass or other greenery.
  • To make the perfect border, use your rockscape as a small retaining wall around smaller flower gardens.
  • Pile up flat, river rocks around mailboxes that are close to your home. The rockscape will act as a notification to other where not to walk while protecting your mailbox.
  • Use the above idea for mailboxes near the road. Instead of using small rocks, use larger rocks to protect it from plows or larger vehicles.
  • Build an original water feature using your rockscape. Set up a small waterfall over a large rock that falls into smaller rocks set into a recycling pool.
  • Create a dry riverbed as a beautiful rockscape. Use varying degrees of sizes to impact the viewer with what appears to be a meandering river.
  • Need to re-scape a set of stairs? Trying using some flat pavers built-up as stairs. The look will be unique and last a lifetime if built properly.

See? Landscaping rocks aren’t just for landscapes. They can be used in many different installments, arrangements, and features. They are only limited by your resource.

Need help deciding on what rocks would work best for your home? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.