Use a Stone Supplier to Protect Your Foundation from Expensive Problems

Decorative outdoor stone wall overlooking stone water feature

Protecting your foundation is one of the most overlooked responsibilities as a homeowner, especially for individuals that do not spend a lot of time outside. It is important to keep a balanced foundation, one that is not too wet or dry as both can lead to significant and expensive problems. Using a stone supplier, you can provide plenty of protection for your foundation.

Protect the Soil

In order to protect the soil on your property, you can use a stone retaining wall. Being able to hold soil in place can prevent erosion from occurring, and it will also lead to more stability within the soil.

Control Water Flow

When you work on the landscape and hardscape of your property, you can use additions such as retaining walls, stone slabs, and crushed stone to direct water flow away from the foundation. When excess water does not flow directly to the foundation of your home, it can evaporate safely and naturally instead.

Organize Your Plants

It is not recommended to have plants right next to the foundation of your home as the roots can cause stability issues, which can eventually lead to foundation-related problems. However, you can use plants as a barrier to excessive moisture reaching the point where your foundation meets by growing plants where the moisture travels through so that it can be absorbed by the plants. Stone can be used in many ways on any property, but one of the best ways is to do it in a fashion that protects one of the most important parts of your home, the foundation.

Fortunately, these changes will also give you plenty of opportunity to improve the appearance of your home. Contact us with any questions you may have about the stone we carry.