Pavestone Pavers: Use Local for Winter Conditions

Pavestone pavers driveway

Pavestone pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Those choices are important for the look of your landscaping. If you are ready to add some pavers to your landscape, we want to help you choose the best pavers for your home. We know that colors, shapes, and sizes are the most important aspects of pavers for you, and we agree those three things are very important.

However, we’d also like to discuss winter conditions and where the pavers come from. Why? Because we know that winter weather is coming soon and we want your pavers to last for many years.

So, what is so important about pavers and winter weather? The key is to get pavers from a local company, and to get pavers made from stone that is local. If you can’t find local stone you like, at least get stone from a region similar to the one we live in.

Why is this important? Well, if you live in an area, such as we do, that gets cold in the winter, then you don’t want stone from an area that never gets below 70 degrees. You want stone that is used to temperature changes and is used to very cold weather. When you use pavers made from local stone, then those pavers are more likely to last longer and maintain their great look longer.

That means, it’s best to purchase pavers from a local company, and to ask where the stone came from. Choosing the right paver, made from the right stone, is something we are great at. Just contact us and let’s get started finding the perfect pavers for your landscape.