Landscape boulders: The most versatile landscaping product

Landscape boulders in garden leading up to a house

Landscape boulders are the most versatile landscaping product you can use. Every landscape should take advantage of the many uses and benefits. If you haven’t considered using boulders, we’d like to encourage you to think about how you can use boulders in your landscape.

  1. As a retaining wall. Instead of using blocks that need to be cemented together or fit together just right, use boulders. Boulders come in different sizes so you can fit them together in several different ways. You can use smaller rocks to fill in some of the gaps, or a little potting soil with plants such as hens and chicks. Then instead of just having a block wall as a retaining wall, you have a natural wall that supports plant life.
  2. As a sitting area. If you have a fire area or a playing area, instead of setting chairs around, consider using several boulders. While the wind will blow chairs around and the weather can ruin them, boulders easily withstand all types of weather. You can use several sizes to create a comfortable chair, or a chaise lounge. Add a few cushions and your friends will tell you how comfortable the seating is and how smart you are.
  3. As separation. It’s always nice to see various heights in a yard, and trying to create separation between lawn and flower beds can take several layers of blocks. Instead of blocks, think about layers of small boulders. It’s easier to create corners and more natural shapes.
  4. For play. One of the reasons boulders are considered versatile is that they are used for the reasons above which could be considered work for a boulder. But they are also great for play. If you have children or animals, create areas with boulders where they can climb and enjoy conquering the mountain.

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