Using Polymeric Sand with Pavers

Paved patio with flowers in front of decorative stone wall and outdoor stone firplace

Hanover Pavers are a beautiful hardscape choice for any type of yard. There are many different styles and colors to select from to help complete any landscape dream. Visit their website to see all the different products that they have to offer. When installing Hanover Pavers, a perfect companion is polymeric sand.

Many people would ask, what is polymeric sand? It is a sand mixed with silica, or another type of polymer, that will harden when water is applied. Traditionally a paver hardscape project, like a patio, would have been finished off with a layer of fine sand applied to the top. Usually a broom would be used to push the sand into the spaces between the pavers, allowing for the patio to become a solid and sound structure. The polymeric sand is applied to a paver patio the same way as normal sand would be. Once the polymeric sand is swept into the cracks, water is applied and then the polymers are activated. This makes the polymeric sand harden, allowing for a stronger holding structure. Using polymeric sand also reduces the opportunity for weeds to grow in the gaps between pavers. The possibly of sand being washed out or blown out of the seams is eliminated, making it so new sand does not need applied. Making this another benefit of using polymeric sand over regular sand because of the reduced maintenance of reapplying sand that it allows.

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