Replacements for Stoneyhurst Building Stone

Exterior gray stone wall of home with windows

For years, Stoneyhurst Quarry was one of several quarries producing the most dominant building stone in the Washington, DC area. The quarry was located near Potomac and was closed several years ago.  Stoneyhurst stone was predominantly brown and blue in color, readily available and located centrally for the residential boom that has taken place since the 1960’s.  Since the closing of the Stoneyhurst Quarry, architects, builders and masons have approached us, looking for stone with similar colors and features.

Irwin Stone has developed 3 product lines that have taken up the slack since the closing of the Stoneyhurst Quarry.  These products are:

  • Lake George
  • Chocolate Gray
  • Silver Lake

Recently, we’ve seen more and more architects use a combination of Lake George and Chocolate Gray to achieve a look that closely matches that of Stoneyhurst.  Each of these products brings its own unique qualities and color to a new house or fireplace.  These 3 products are 3 of our top 4 building stones.  The following picture is of a recently built house using a combination of Chocolate Gray and Lake George.