What does Your Project Need From its Pavers?

Stone paved driveway leading up to rustic home

Whether you’re building an outdoor kitchen or redoing a driveway, you’ll find that pavers offer you an economical but artistic landscaping option. Modern innovation has given homeowners a staggering array of options to choose from when it comes to pavers: natural stone, clay brick, and concrete all have something to offer a landscaping project. Several factors will influence what kind of material you’ll choose for pavers. Here are a few you’ll want to consider as you’re planning your landscaping project.

  • Color is an important selection when selecting a long-lasting material that won’t be painted. Many kinds of man-made pavers, like brick and concrete pavers, have numerous color options available. Although there are also many colors of natural stone available, you should take care that all of a stone’s properties are fitted to your project before selecting it as a paver.
  • The size of the surface you want to cover with the pavers is another key consideration in selecting pavers for your project. Depending on your taste, for example, you might find that large stone pavers look better on a wide space than smaller bricks or concrete pavers.
  • Durability is another factor you’ll want to consider when designing your landscaping project. If your project will be subjected to light traffic and sheltered from the weather, you have a wider choice of materials than you would if your project will be used heavily.
  • Think about where the landscaping project will go. Unless you plan to change the landscaping to match the project you’re completing with the pavers, the type of paver you select should compliment the features surrounding it.

One of the rewards of landscaping is being able to shape a space to fit our idea of beauty and practicality. Pavers can lend both of these qualities to a landscaping project. No matter what your landscaping project needs, you can probably find a type of paver to fit it perfectly.

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