Ideas for Using Natural Stone in your Outdoor Kitchen

Large stone fireplace and outdoor seating area

When designing an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to make sure this space flows well with the rest of your landscaping. One of the best ways of doing that is to incorporate natural stone into the building process. Here are some ideas for using stone in your outdoor kitchen you may want to consider.

If your kitchen is located on a covered patio or deck, you could arrange it in a “u” shape, and then use stone to form the exterior walls and countertop. If you’re concerned about storage, you could leave hollow space underneath your counters for putting charcoal, coolers or pots and pans in.

Stone makes an excellent choice for a fireplace that is included in an outdoor kitchen. Consider adding the fireplace in the corner of your outdoor kitchen if you plan to use it for cooking, or create a separate seating area for guests if you only wish to use it for warmth.

If your backyard also includes a pool, having a bar made from stone overlooking it can be a good idea. You could top this bar with a polished granite countertop to create the ideal seating area for guests to enjoy drinks or an outdoor meal in.

For kitchens that are placed near hillsides, a stone retaining wall as your backdrop would be perfect. This retaining wall could be next to a set of stairs that would lead to your kitchen from an upper level, and would provide space for you to add a flowerbed or water features as well.

You could decide to use stone for the flooring of your kitchen. This would be an especially nice choice if it is located underneath a pergola, as the open wood beams and stone would complement each other rather nicely. For added interest, you could construct faux wood cabinet doors to help further tie the floor and ceiling together.

These are only a few of the ideas we have for using stone in an outdoor kitchen. The number of possibilities is virtually endless, so if you have other ideas, feel free to contact us to discuss them.