Belgard Pavers Exceed Expectations

Belgard Pavers in patio

20 years of quality service is a sure sign of longevity and leadership in the field of stone products. Belgard Pavers is also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, afforded to few, for further recognition of exceptional merit.  A specialty of this company is the dramatic selection and design of stone pavers.  Discover some of the uses of how quality stone pavers can deliver the perfect curb appeal.

Turfstone Pavers

Intertwining healthy green grass with stone pavers allows nature to continue its role by giving rainwater access to the soil.  The trademark of Turfstone represents Belgard’s innovative creativity in natural beauty, stabilization of soil erosion, and bold design.

Eco Dublin Pavers and Stones

A more solid appearance in walkways and driveways is also possible while staying environmentally friendly in conditioning the soil.  Eco Dublin stone pavers are technically designed to allow rainwater to penetrate the sides of each stone while offering tiny stones and no grass between the pavers.  Artistic patterns further enhance the beauty of a Silex-blended rich appearance.

Mix Modern and Old World with Urbana Stone

Large random shapes and sizes begin your journey into keeping a modern look.  Instead of straight, sleek and manicured, a chiseled stone look adds a dramatic look the large spaces, such as patios and poolside areas.  A modern-styled home deserves a defining sculptured look and Urbana stone delivers just the right appeal.

Belgard and Irwin Stone form the perfect partnership in delivering the best innovation and warranties in the hardscape business.  When constant research and development merges with quality and service, professional results become unmatched.  For more information on how you can create a lasting legacy, using Belgard Pavers, contact us for a full spectrum of designs and styles that will instantly enhance your property.